You might think that you own a totally mainstream site. Maybe you have a review site for Amazon products, maybe you feature celebrity news, or maybe you profile certain companies trading in Wall Street. Whatever the case may be, you might think that the subject matter you normally cover is so far beyond and removed from adult entertainment that you have no business looking at this category of content for inspiration. You would be absolutely wrong.

You see, websites that offer free live nude cams or nude cam girls can actually teach you a thing or two about conversion and membership retention. Even if you run a completely mainstream website that reviews certain products, the way they deal with their traffic and the way they qualify those traffic sources can speak volumes regarding effective best practices.

This is one of the biggest challenges of making money online. It’s too easy to develop tunnel vision. It’s too easy to think that the online sources of instructions are obviously instructional or tutorial websites. The problem with doing things this way is that you end up limiting your sources of information. What if other people have solved the exact same problems you’re grappling with and what if they’ve come up with innovative solutions that you can easily adopt?

If you have such a hard-headed attitude regarding certain sources of information you follow and other certain sources of information you look down on, they you’re only shooting yourself in the foot. In fact, I would argue that you’re shooting your business on the head because you are going to take much long to learn the lessons that you need to learn now.

Make no mistake about it, websites that offer nude cam girls have to learn how to convert that traffic quickly. By simply understanding their set of coping mechanisms, you can then tweak and morph such solutions to fit your set of circumstances. This increases the likelihood that your online mainstream ventures will succeed.

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